i’m a ui designer and front end developer from perth, western australia. wordpress is my passion, and i am constantly pushing myself to learn more about wordpress, contribute more to wordpress, and hopefully help out a few people along the way.

i believe that beautiful front end design is key in making a successful web app. i love minimalist design, the logic and structure of coding, and strive always to write elegant and efficient code. i’m proud of my growing collection of wordpress plugins – currently around 15 of them on the loose.

when i’m not coding wordpress or pushing pixels, you’ll find me in the rock climbing gym, jamming on my horn (i play jazz trumpet) or playing ultimate frisbee. please feel welcome to get in touch with me and ask about wordpress plugins, development ideas, or anything else.

+61 430 286 360
my design firm - enigmaweb.com.au
my wordpress plugins - enigmaplugins.com
my sheet music reader app - orpheus-app.com
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