WP Catalogue going Pro


I am pleased to announce WP Catalogue Pro has been launched. Click here to get it now.


I recently launched a plugin called WP Catlogue over at the wordpress.org repository. It’s pretty simple – it just uses custom post types to display products in an attractive and professional catalogue.

I was pretty surprised to find there was no existing catalogue product like this in the repository, as it seems like a really common style of content display for a product website. Apparently many other users also agree, because the plugin has proven an instant hit, with around 3000 users taking it up in this first 2 months since it was published.

I’ve been contacted with many requests for additional features and further development of the plugin. My concern is always to balance out features with simple and easy to use UI, so I’ve decided to follow the same path I did with my first plugin (HTML5 jQuery Audio Player) and make a Pro version of the WP Catalogue plugin. This has the benefit of providing the requested features to users with more advanced requirements, whilst maintaining the simple light weight free version which will be suitable for most users.

Here’s a quick list of the features I’m planning for the first major release of WP Catalogue Pro:

+ Ability to do multiple catalogues
+ Ability to handle sub-categories
+ Add shortcode functions to embed a specific category/sub-category
+ Ability to turn side menu on/off
+ Import/export csv function
+ Internationalization (actually this is for both Pro and Free versions)

I’m excited to be developing this plugin further, and please do get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions about this project.

40 Responses to “WP Catalogue going Pro”
  1. Morten R. says:

    Great news. I’ve just started implementing the existing version and like it a lot. But I’m sure there’s room for a Pro version. I’ll be great if you could add WordPress Multisite Network support so that products could be created once and be shared over multiple sites and domains.

    Any time plan to share?

    • Maeve says:

      Hi Morten, thanks for your kind comment and feedback. That’s a great suggestion re making it work across Multisite…. did you have a specific usage scenario in mind? (it would be helpful for me to get a feel for what users would like to do with it)

      • Morten R. says:

        Hi Maeve,
        Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get an e-mail when you or other posted comments.

        I think keeping it simple for a first Multisite release would be just great. To me that would mean: create products once and make product name, category name (and slug) and price translatable. And that’s it. That would save my customers tons of time updating products.

        Another idea that would be beneficial for owners and users would be a products sitemap build from the WP Catalogue database. One could add it to ones site with a shortcode just like the catalogue itself. It should then just show a section per category with a link to every product on a new line and the headline should be a link to each category. This would help customers find products in small/medium sized catalogues and it should also help a lot with search engines cataloguing the products.

  2. Les says:

    Beautiful work Maeve. I agree…. why has nobody thought of this before? When can one expect the Pro version to be completed? (You can email me if you wish). Also, large catalogues could benefit from a Search function. And we all know how “sad” WP search is…..

    • Maeve says:

      Thanks Les! I’ve been a bit delayed on this Pro catalogue because one of my other plugins is behaving badly and has needed immediate TLC! (the world of WP plugins is a hairy place!) I’m planning on getting back to the WP Catalogue in a month or so. There are a few minor bug fixes I need to do in the WP Catalogue (these I’ll do ASAP) then I’ll be powering on with the Pro version outlined above.

      You mentioned a search function…. I really like Relevanssi search plugin and have found it searches data from other plugins (especially ones like WP Catalogue that are based on custom post types) nicely. I’m always striving to keep my plugin ‘bloat-free’… do you think WP Catalogue would be improved by a built-in search enough to warrant developing one as part of the plugin? Maybe it could be something users could turn on and off?

  3. Igor says:

    I have seen several plugins catalog, trying to find the prefect, until I started reading wp Catalogue, so to be honest I have not seen any more manageable and easier to work with than this.

    Congratulations and looking forward to this pro version to buy it, please keep me inform


  4. Alex Lee says:

    Just looking for a commercial catalog solution for WordPress, and find your project. Will give it a try, soon. Moreover, may I ask how are you going to charge us?

    • Maeve says:

      Sure Alex. There will always be a Free version in the wordpress.org plugin repository. In addition to that, I will make Pro version available privately to any users who need the more advanced features. I was thinking a small one off fee of around $25 for a single license, with a multi-site license available for developers who wish to use the Pro catalogue on multiple websites. Planning to use Pippin Williamson’s Easy Digital Downloads for managing the sales and licensing. Sound ok?

      • Alex Lee says:

        Hi Maeve! Glad to see your reply!

        It will be great if “one off fee” means the Pro version can be updated lifetime! 😀 I am not a developer, but, to be frank, as a user, I prefer a multi-site license when I purchase a Pro license. I am not talking about what Morten mentioned earlier, but pretty much like a WordPress theme. As for a sales platform, I will be fine as long as the transaction can be recorded and verified for download for all time. Above are my personal and mean ideas, and, after all, you have the final say.

      • Darwin says:

        Not sure, if paypal works cheaper for you and then email the plugin directly to the buyer

  5. Kyle says:

    Hi Maeve…
    Awesome job you’re doing. WP Catalogue seems to be exactly what I’ve been searching for, especially with all your future add ons with the Pro version.

    However, I haven’t tried it yet so I was hoping you could answer a few questions. The first is are we able to add more information to the gallery page? All screenshots I’ve seen just show product titles. Ideally, I would like to show title, artist, dimensions , etc. under the thumbnails as well.

    The second question is in regards to the gallery image size. Let’s say I have paintings of various dimensions. Am i limited to one size image template in the gallery view? That’s not too big of a deal as I could simply add a background color to those that wouldn’t completely fill the image area. The description is my main concern.

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted !

    • Maeve says:

      Hi Kyle, glad you like the look of it :-)

      Yes, you can add more information to the product detail page. You have full control in the editor so you can add whatever you need just in the main body text on that page. If you wanted something more custom then you can modify the plugin to do that fairly easily using hooks and filters.

      Yes, the gallery can cope with different dimensions of images. I personally think it looks nicer when they are all consistent (square works well), but yeah it should be able to handle different dimensions fine. Give free version a quick trial and you will quickly see what works and what doesn’t.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Kyle says:

    Sounds good Maeve. I’ll be trying it out soon enough! And i agree that consistent looks better, but in the end its all about pleasing the client. Still doesn’t mean I won’t show them a few different options though!

  7. Alex Lee says:

    Just came across a new idea, not sure if you would like to consider or not: “Customized number of product”. Sometimes the user may want to add more than three pictures, like computer rendered image; real product in package front, back, side; real product front, back, side; and even more… By the way, will I be able to add a customized field, like “Discontinued”, so that the clients of the user will not be confused?

  8. Fabrizio Azzali says:

    This some features that may be interesting
    – A button that send request of info for the specific product the user is viewing
    – Print Page of the Catalog

  9. Darwin says:

    This plugin is fantastic and just love it. I have started loading up items for organizing list of flora and fauna for a non profit wildlife conversation project. Looking forward for the pro version for listing multiple catalog. $25 is okay (psychologically $19.99 might create very different affordability perception for single site users)

    Also, I plan to use this for creating a catalog of food recipes.

    Features requested:
    – Ability to change header instead of “Product Details”
    – Ability to display different catalog in same or different page.
    – Organize sub level category under top level category (similar to organizing links in a menu.)

    Please keep it light for easy loading. I am excited to hear back on the pro version.

  10. Maeve says:

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. Re feedback requests some of you are asking about:

    + I will look at making it responsive – this is a great idea
    + Header will definitely be able to be changed from “Product Details”. Option to turn it off completely too.
    + Organization of categories is a definite priority
    + Plus all the stuff already mentioned in the main post

    Pricing wise I’m going to go with a yearly license @ $30 (multi-site option @$120). The plugin will still work after 1 year if you don’t renew the license, but having a valid license will entitle you to priority support and plugin upgrades. I think this is a good compromise between making it affordable, but also keeping a viable business model in terms of covering costs for the development and support time a plugin like this takes. I’m going to offer a 30 day refund guarantee (so if anyone is unhappy they can get a refund) and I’ve just finished building my official Plugins Website (enigmaplugins.com) where all my plugins are going to live. This is so that I can provide full documentation and priority support forum. Anyway, back to the plugin itself – coding is all finished, so now just about 1.5 weeks for user testing and tweaks, then I will launch.

  11. Darwin says:

    One more idea to the hopper. This would set the plugin way ahead from all other stuff. Sorry, if this is overwhelming at this stage.

    An option to display each of the categories in individual slider in same or different page while being responsive.

    This will be an absolute delight for full site and mobile version.


  12. Taylor says:

    Im anxiously looking forward to the Pro version of your plugin. Im working on building a wordpress site for my retail furniture and accessory store. I have many many items and many catalogs I would like to set up. Sounds like your pro version is exactly what Im looking for especially after playing with the WP Catalogue plugin for a bit. I liked it but Im looking for the ability to show just one group of items on a page and a different group of items on a different page and so on and so on. Any word on when the Pro plugin will be released?

  13. William says:

    Also, I would welcome a feature to optionally attach a file to the product page, such as a datasheet/pdf with product information. I guess it is designed for simplicity, and I know it can be done through the media manager – however it is a hassle when you have to update your products often or when you client has to manage the updates.

    Thanks for a great plugin – looking forward for the pro..


  14. Davy says:

    Hi Maeve,

    Have you already a relaese date for the update of the free catalogue or the release of “catalogue pro”?
    It’s a fantastic plugin (www.dts-events.be), that I tweaked here and there, and now I’m going to fill my catalogue (there already products in for testing) but I’m looking forward to:

    – intelligent image handling (thumbs are ok, but have problemen with scaling/cropping on single product page)
    – handling of subcategory’s in the left menu.
    – adding general text above the all-products and single product pages
    – importing/exporting csv files

    I don’t know which feature will be supported in catalogue free or catalogue pro but I don’t care if I have to pay $25.

    I also want to ask you (just in case), it’s fully supported if I completely fill my catalogue and afterwards upgrade to catalogue pro?

    Fine peace of code writing!

    • Maeve says:

      Sorry it’s taking so long guys! I’m just finishing the final bug testing stage. I’ve got the Pro version installed on my demo site at http://demo.enigmaweb.com.au/wp-catalogue/ and the last thing to fix up is the responsive front-end layout. A few beta testers have it at the moment. After that it will be good to go.

      @Davy you asked about import/export… I’ve got it sorted out so that if you deactivate the Free version then install and activate Pro it will retain all the product data so no need to re-populate your product catalogue. If you delete the free version BEFORE installing the Pro version then it would remove all the data…. hopefully not too many people make that mistake! I will post a warning in big letters somewhere on the sales site! It’s not perfect, I’d like to refine it a bit further down the track and allow for csv import/export. But hey rome wasn’t built in a day and as you can probably tell based on how long it’s taken to get this far, my time on plugin dev is limited at present.

  15. Alex Lee says:

    Great. Please give us the purchase URL when the final version is released.

  16. Manuel Riel says:

    Hi Maeve,

    we’re looking into using your plugin for a Chinese-language site, presenting EU products. The pro-version is quite interesting for us. We’d also like to contribute an official Chinese-language version. Mandarin + Traditional Cantonese.

    Keep us in the loop, please.

    Best regards,


  17. zeropixel says:

    Hi Maeve ….

    I love this plugin…. please as soon is available for purchase let me know, I’ll buy immediately!
    Congrats for you awesome work!..

  18. Fabio says:

    Hi Maeve,
    congratulations for your plugin. I have a question . Does the plugin work with web sites with WPML ?
    I tried to install WP Catalogue in two sites with WPML however there is clearly something imcompatible.
    If i tried to upload some images the lightbox is completely black. ( Maybe JQuery !! ).
    Sorry if my request isn’t enough clear, i’m not still so expert about WordPress ( i hope as soon as possible to improve my skill in WP ).
    Thanks .
    p/s How do you think to finish you Pro Version ?

    Fabio ( Venice )

  19. Peter Luit says:

    Great plugin! Thanks a lot. Two question (for either the free or the pro version):

    – what do you have in mind around responsive design?
    – would it be possible to enable the ‘featured image’ in the catalogue items for the purpose of displaying some items for example on the homepage (with a custom post type widget display plugin)? I also asked this last question on the WordPress support forum.

    Kind Regards,

    Peter Luit

  20. Andrew says:

    Nice to know someone finally realised about the missing Catalogue plug-in.

    My suggestion for the Pro version is to have a Nice, Modern layout Out of Box, so that it will then be used straight away into any theme. A couple of switch-able layout will be really great.

    Can’t wait to see it live.


  21. Hello Maeve.

    Im really looking forward to seeing the pro version of your awesome plugin catalogue. Any idea of an ETA? Your plugin really makes it easy for ppl like myself without greater html skills – keep up the good work!


  22. Veron Chong says:

    Hi, When can I buy the PRO version? Pls advise. Thx

  23. Stephan says:

    Hi Maeve,
    I need Pro Version – great Plug in. Do you have an release Date?

    Regards Stephan

  24. Stephan says:

    Hi Maeve,

    do you have date when the pro version is available?


  25. Hello Maeve,

    I liked your free Catalogue plugin and was wondering if the pro version still is on your agenda ?
    I’m currently working on a new project that would need subcategories, so please let me know.
    Anyway, thanks so far for your great work !


  26. Maeve says:

    I am pleased to announce that WP Catalogue PRO is now available at http://enigmaplugins.com/plugins/wp-catalogue-pro/

  27. Maeve,
    I’ve been following you since we were emailing about your Pro version. The client I had for it disappeared and didn’t pursue their website I was quoting them, however, recently a new client has come to me for a redesign, which I think I’ll be able to implement your plugin! It’s really nice and easy and slim so loading will be key. Can’t wait to get this one signed up and can begin working with your tool!! Thanks! – Patrick

  28. site says:

    thanks you for plugin

Any comments?